Usage Mistakes That Cause High Electricity Bills

Surely you have or often experience how expensive your electricity bill is. Well, in our tropical country and the weather is hot, often making us turn on the air conditioner, so the room feels cool. However, due to the use of air conditioning, electricity bills or vouchers also soared. Research has shown that the human body can adapt to different temperatures in one or two weeks. Your body may be used to low temperatures, but you can adjust it to a higher level. By setting a higher temperature level for your air conditioner, you can also reduce electricity consumption. This will save about 1.5% of energy for every degree hotter. Oh yes, the best temperature in terms of thermal comfort for humans is 25 degrees Celsius. And this is the best temperature to keep your air conditioner and keep electricity bills to a minimum. The air filter on your air conditioner must be cleaned every month to every two months if the air conditioner is turned on every day. You can call the technician to clean and service your AC. If not done, the filter will become dirty. This can cause poor ventilation, they can increase your electricity consumption by 5% -15%, it can even affect your AC’s lifetime. The danger is that air conditioners with dirty filters can be harmful to your family’s health if not cleaned regularly. Therefore you need experts like us aircon repair Singapore.

To be durable, not easily damaged and can be used for a long time, it is very important to maintain the maintenance of your AC machine. Filters, evaporators and dirty AC fans require extra power to achieve ideal cooling conditions. If the fan speed 1 is usually cold, you have to turn on the high fan, the air conditioner is cold. As a result, electricity usage is wasteful. So it’s good every month or two months your air conditioner is serviced, so that your AC machine functions properly, and isn’t dusty. Take a look at your space cooler, is it covered in curtains or other decorative elements? If the answer is yes, this will make the AC’s performance less efficient, and the AC will work twice as hard, which causes electricity to become wasteful. So you should move the air conditioner to a wall that is not blocked by anything. In order to cool down, many people set the temperature of the remote AC at 16 or 18. Even though this will make the AC compressor will continue to work so the room temperature becomes very cold. As a result, the age of the compressor becomes shorter so that the cost of electricity becomes more expensive. So you should set a temperature of at least 22, to make savings and your AC will be more durable.

Forget closing windows and doors while the air conditioner is on, one of the most common mistakes people make. This will make the AC will again try to reduce the temperature in the room, and the compressor will continue to work to keep the room temperature to be the same as the remote temperature. All you have to do is always remind and familiarize your family members to always close doors and windows when the air conditioner is on. And also remind to always turn off the air conditioner if you want to leave the room, so you can save electricity and energy is not wasted.

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