If You Are A Woman and Want To Do Hajj, This Is What You Must Prepare

Hajj is a dream for Muslims. Especially for countries that have long queues to go on a pilgrimage because many Muslims are in the country. Various hajj packages can make a person go for Hajj faster, but at an expensive cost. Human age who knows, as well as physical conditions that are increasingly according to old age. For that while waiting for the Hajj call. It is important for women to prepare their health and physical. Because women are vulnerable to physical conditions. Here are the physical preparations that must be considered by women before going on Hajj:

– Health
Hajj is indeed more detailed and somewhat complicated for the process of medical tests, because the weather in Makkah may be different from your country. Health tests also have several stages. In fact, it is possible for women to take menstrual delay medications because it is a pity if, during the Hajj process, women get menstrual blood. This can be processed medically. For that, it is important for women before leaving for Hajj to really ensure their physical condition and menstrual cycles.

– Public Vehicle Training
If while in your country you are accustomed to using a private vehicle. Currently, you have to start practicing riding public transportation. Share seating with other people. Amu jostling and others. Because when in Makkah later, you will often ride public transportation. Regular pilgrims in Makkah are located quite far from the Grand Mosque, so pilgrims must take public transportation. So for those of you who are going to go on Hajj, do not waste the opportunity to worship in this house of God with maximum and focus.

– Walking Exercise
So for those of you who aren’t used to walking. Start now practicing for walking. At least every morning do light exercise walking around your home complex. Do it regularly every morning until you start to get used to walking. If you are tired of walking lazily to the Grand Mosque, it is a pity for your pilgrimage. Walking is also very good for health, so there is no harm if you start doing this light exercise from now while waiting for a hajj call.