The three types of electric vaporizer

The pen vaporizer is shaped like a pen, according to its name. Vaporizer pen is the smallest form of vaporizer that can be carried anywhere. Pen vaporizer can produce steam by heating the vaping liquid. There are two types of heating elements that can be chosen to heat the vaping liquid, namely: The Atomizer and Cartomizer. Apart from that, check out How to Turn Wax into E Liquid as well.


To heat the heating element, the vaporizer pen requires a battery as energy. This battery can be recharged and usually has a voltage of 3.7 V, but there is also a battery that can be regulated voltage. This battery can have power up to 1300 mAh. Be careful with vape batteries because they can explode and harm you. Avoid this tool from the reach of children.

Aside from that, the portable vape type or also known as handheld vaporizer is larger than the vaporizer pen. However, this vaporizer can also be carried anywhere, just like a vaporizer pen. Although larger than a vaporizer pen, a portable vaporizer can still be inserted into your pocket.

Not much different from the vaporizer pen, portable vaporizers also have a heating element and battery components.

How much steam can be produced from a vaping device depends on battery power, how much heating element or wire is in the atomizer (usually 0.5 Ohm is optimal enough to produce heat), and the composition in vape liquid (the higher the level of vegetable glycerin, more steam can be produced). However, the high heat that can be produced from a vaping device can increase the risk of vape to explode.

Remember, vape liquid must contain nicotine. In addition, it also contains basic ingredients and flavorings. This basic ingredient consists of propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin whose levels vary. Propylene glycol is more liquid and watery, while vegetable glycerin is thicker and has a sweeter taste. However, these two basic ingredients can cause you to experience an allergic reaction.

Aside from those, unlike the portable and portable vaporizers, this desktop type vaporizer is larger and cannot be carried anywhere. This desktop vaporizer can only be used at home or in one place. The desktop vaporizer also requires a flat surface to place it and requires a constant energy supply to function properly.