Why Your AC Need to Maintain and Repair

Why does AC require routine maintenance even though it isn’t damaged? The air drawn by the indoor unit is certainly not clean air. Dirt or dust in the air will be filtered by the air filter located in front of the evaporator lattice. In the long run, the dust will accumulate in the air filter and some dust will still be able to escape to the evaporator. When it comes to the need of AC maintenance and even repair service, www.bulldogaclv.com/ can provide you the best solution.

Dust that is stuck in the filter and the evaporator will inhibit the flow of air circulation that will enter the evaporator, this will make the process of exchanging heat between air and cold Freon not optimal. The impact that will be felt directly is that the air conditioner will not feel cold. In addition, over time, mold and mildew will begin to appear due to the condition of the evaporator which is always wet and unpleasant odor will begin to smell.