These Are Two Types Of Stains That Are Often Attached To The Carpet In Your Home

A carpet certainly needs good and proper cleaning so that it can always be clean and no stains stick there. A clean carpet will make the room more comfortable and warm. So, the cleanliness of the carpet must be maintained properly. At you can also get maximum and optimal carpet cleaning so that the carpet is comfortable to use.

In fact, there are some stains that stick to your carpet. Some types of stains that often stick to the carpet are

1. Sticky rubber sticks
When installing a carpet, glue is usually used to keep the carpet in place. When the carpet is cleaned with professional help, the stain of this glue will be difficult to clean because other dirt can easily stick around it, such as dust.

2. Oil stains
Oily food spills on the carpet will leave stains that will definitely be very annoying. Besides making the carpet feel slippery, oil stains will also damage carpet fibers if not cleaned immediately.

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