Mistakes That May Be Done When Remodeling a Bathroom

The bathroom is not only a place to clean the body. However, this space should also be a shelter where we can close the door to avoid boredom every day and recharge energy. Of course, we don’t want to spend time, money and inconvenience in the bathroom. That is why bathroom and kitchen remodeling is needed, especially in this discussion is the bathroom.

In addition, a clean bathroom makes one happy to use it. Especially if you have a guest, you don’t need to be shy about showing it. Therefore, when doing a bathroom overhaul, avoid the following errors:

– Poor ventilation
When you find small black spots of mold on the newly painted walls and ceiling, this is caused by a poor ventilation system. Even if you have a window that opens well, you still need a fan or exhaust fan to remove steam.

– Insert too many objects
Avoid putting too much equipment in the bathroom. When you have a bathroom separate from the toilet, try not only to install one toilet in the bathroom. If the room is too small for the bath and shower at the same time, choose a shower. In addition, cabinets, shelves, or drawers hanging on the wall will help provide space on the floor.

– Not enough storage space
Just like every room in the house, storage in the bathroom is very important. You need space for cosmetics, medicines, hair dryers, shavers, dry towels, wet towels, and other necessities. With smart storage, there will be the right place for everyone. For example, you can install a glass in a cupboard above the sink or dressing table to keep things away from children. In addition, you can also apply several hidden walls on the walls of the bathroom to put shampoo and soap.