These Two Things Can Make Your Home Cool Even With Fan

Using the air conditioner has been done by many people. Because the increasingly hot air makes many people feel uncomfortable in the house. However, when the air conditioner is dirty or damaged, it will make you more uncomfortable. At you can get the right treatment.

In addition to the air conditioner, maybe the fan can also help you in hot weather even though it’s not as good as an air conditioner. However, you can do these two things on your fan.

1. Change the fan in your home
Although not using the air conditioner, the fan can also make the room feel cooler. One way is to put a bowl of ice water or ice block in front of the fan. This will make the wind produced by the fan more fresh and cold.

2. Direct the hanging fan properly
For homes that use ceiling fans, there are things that need to be known before buying this fan. There is a button on the fan to change the direction of the fan and this will affect the atmosphere of the room.